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Electric deck oven MODELECCA$0.00 + tx

The Modelec oven’s versatility and responsiveness make it the perfect choice for the professional who needs scalable volumes.

This oven's resolutely high-tech profile offers a wide range of key innovations to address the highest technological and design standards.

Fully stainless steel front (hood, control panel, work surface)
Modular heating elements
Dual halogen lighting on each level
20-mm thick refractory cement slabs.
Unrivalled responsiveness gives optimal heating performance
Excellent insulation: up to 300 mm of rock wool
Simplified heating element assembly
Rapid installation
Eye-catching design for point of sale.

CA$0.00 + tx
Width: 60cm, 75cm, 120cm, 150cm, , 225cm
Height: 3 storeys, 4 storeys, 5 storeys
Depth: 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm, 200cm, 220cm, 240cm, 260cm
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